Hunting in Ontario, Canada

Canadian wilderness, removed from traffic and pressure
    An Untapped Resource Of Thousands Of Acres

    South Shore Lodge has exclusive hunting rights to 50 square miles surrounded by thousands of square miles of non hunting area.

    Hunting And Fishing In One Package

    Close proximity to fishing and  hunting areas allows you the best of both with fishing during the day and hunting evenings.

    Boat Accessable Baits Maintained In Advance Of Your Arrival

    We maintain bear baits well in advance of your arrival to assure your best possible success.

    We Know This Area Very Well

    Being hunters ourselves and with the extensive experience we have here, rest assured we know what needs to be done and how to do it. We will make every effort in trying to make your hunt successful

Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada

The Perfect Hunting Getaway
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Vast Wilderness

Since 1984 South Shore Lodge has hunted, maintained, and had exclusive rights to this secluded bear hunting territory. Our 50 square miles accessible down creeks, streams and back waters butts up to hundreds of square miles of wilderness area that has never seen a hunter.

Assisted Bear Hunts

Upon arrival we will take you out and show you the baits and help you get comfortable with the area. After that, we’re there if you need us, but the baiting and hunting is “all yours”.

Limited Pressure

We limit our hunts to no more than six hunters per week. This is to assure, as best we can, the highest percentage of success for each and every hunt. This has been how we’ve approached our hunting since we began, assuring quality hunts today and a good future.


Within Canadas Great Outdoors, Surrounded By Some Of Nature's Best Wildlife Habitat

We hunt the creeks and lowlands of our exclusive 50 square miles. We also have the added advantage of no hunting pressure from the areas surrounding us. All area to the south and west for miles and miles is Provincial Park inaccessible to hunting pressure because of its remoteness. About half of our hunting territory was burned in 1974. This area has grown back into some of the best wildlife habitation around. The regeneration area is an unbelievable producer of wild berries and other foods, which the bear congregate to from far and wide to fill up on when fattening for winter.

We will be baiting well in advance of your hunt to bring the bears in before your arrive. Keep in mind, this is not a guided hunt. However, lots of assistance is given to help make your hunt a great experience, and hopefully a successful one.

Upon arrival we will take you out and show you the baits and help you get comfortable with the area. After that, we’re there if you need us, but the baiting and hunting is “all yours”. This helps to limit the amount of disturbance caused by too many people around your hunting area. We will though, help track and get an animal out when you get it.

Arrive Saturday May 20, Depart Saturday May 27


$1495.00/person…Does not include license, tax, export permit


Included in your package…7 day Housekeeping Plan – Baited Stand – All Bear bait – Standard boat and motor


Extras…Fishing license – Optional Upgrade boat –  Boat fuel – Fishing bait and tackle


$500.00 deposit required to hold reservation. For more information contact us through our contact page or call us at 763-219-8530


Recognition Determines Success

We stay busy during hunting season so make sure you contact us asap!